I’m quite a malleable person in some ways, maybe a less kind way of describing this would be to say gullible!  But that’s not quite it, I don’t think.  When I’m suitably inspired by something I can ‘park’ my preconceptions and get somewhat taken in by it – albeit very temporarily – whether it’s a person, a film or – in the case in point – a book that is doing the actual “inspiring.”

The book in question is one I read a while ago, and I’ve just read the second of the series, it’s called K-PAX written by Gene Brewer, and without giving the game away, is about a patient in a mental institution who is exhibits – and very convincingly – a character called ‘prot’ who is a being from another world, called upon to help a human who has had a very torrid time at numerous junctures in his life.

Despite knowing it’s a fictional work, it is presented in a way that allows you to immerse as though it is real, and when viewing the world through the eyes of a visitor from a more utopic (is that a word?) place, it does make one realise what a terribly paradoxical world we live in.  Not just from a corrupt or untrustworthy government perspective, but also on a more personal level.

For example, I’m a self-proclaimed animal lover (not in the people-from-Derby sense, I might add!), yet I’ll quite happily consume meat products or similar.  Just for fleeting moments I found myself nodding and thinking that the idyllic ideas of the K-paxians presented in the book sounds quite enticing.  Of course, upon pondering this some more you get the inevitable lull that our very nature prevents anything approximating this way of thinking becoming the norm.

Despite all this, I’m still looking forward to a Subway with Rich tomorrow before we head off for a few beers.  It is highly likely the sub in question will contain meat!  Anyhow, I’d recommend the book for those of you craving food for thought, the film starring Kevin Spacey isn’t half bad either – although inevitably losing some of the depth of the original text.

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2 thoughts on “prot-estations..

  1. Is that book any relation to the film of the same name with Kevin Spacey?

  2. Yep – the film is based on the first book (I believe that the second is about to be made into a film also).

    I enjoyed the film, but it didn’t really have the same impact as the book did at all – as is so often the case (he says, having seen the latest Harry Potter effort yesterday)

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