Holy ear-worm! Proof of indoctrination..

I’ve had another one of those ‘random hymns popping in my head for no reason’ occurences over the last couple of days.  I’ve only just gotten around to looking it up, I’d mixed it up with ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ in my head – which isn’t that surprising given both songs compell you to clap your hands.  It was the line ‘I look around and the sun’s in the sky’ that was the hook for me though, which perhaps isn’t surprising given the lovely weather.

Like many hymns it’s actually quite a nice tune, it’s just a shame about all the god stuff.  Here it is, if you’d like your very own primary school assembly ear-worm for the day:

Stand up clap your hands shout thank you Lord
Thank you for the world we’re in
Stand up clap your hands shout thank you Lord
For happiness and peace within

I look around and the sun’s in the sky
I look around and I think “Oh my!”
The world is such a wonderful place
And all because of the good Lord’s grace


I look around and the creatures I see
I look around and it amazes me
That every fox and bird and hare
Must fit in a special place somewhere


I look around at all the joy I’ve had
I look around and then it makes me glad
That I can offer thanks and praise
To him who guides me through my days

Apologies if you now have jaunty strains of Primary School caterwauling to the accompaniment of piano running through your head now.  Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it?  It’s only through reading through the lyrics with adult eyes probably for the first time ever that I realise Richard Gere must have taken the second verse a little too literally if the rumours are to be believed!  Let’s not ever get on to purple-headed mountains…

On indoctrination, I suppose it’s not so bad retaining jaunty tunes if I managed to resist the ideology!

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