If 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world then 2013 has felt a bit post-apocalyptic so far – the year started with bastard cold(tm), descended quickly (literally!) with drop-foot, and on my birthday no less picked up the PVL-positive Staph infection affectionately known as Susan.  No sooner is the end of Susan in sight, we’ve had cockatiel-based woes which are hopefully also on the way to resolution.

In the midst of all that too we had the death of Margaret Thatcher.  She’s proven as divisive in death as she was in life – personally, and perhaps characteristically, I tend to sit in some middle-ground.  It’s difficult to countenance celebrating a frail old woman dying, although I abhor everything she stood for – channelling that kind of energy would be better directed at the incumbent government still peddling the same twisted ideals in real time.

I wouldn’t mourn her, and sure, it’s childishly amusing that ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ might well top the charts when they’re counted on Sunday – but I can’t help but think the myriad of 79ps people parted with to achieve this could’ve been better spent on areas of society stripped of funding in recent cuts.  Okay, so tens of thousands of pounds wouldn’t solve all those issues, but could’ve done some good somewhere I’m sure.

Certainly I don’t agree Baroness Thatcher should have a state funeral, I don’t think any Prime Minister should really – at a time when vital services are being compromised it seems ridiculous to spunk millions on an occasion that a significant chunk of the population doesn’t support – but then, we are all in this together ain’t we, Dave?  The only thing it’s likely to achieve is a rallying cry for all sides of the argument that will probably end in rioting.

I suppose the police and army laying into their own populace might be fitting funeral, on reflection.

The saddest thing of the whole episode is that the event has successfully overshadowed the ham-fisted handling of the country by those in power at the moment, which I imagine they’re not too sorry about – and is probably why they’re fuelling the debate with a state-funded Tory roadshow that I can only see ending in regrettable conflict as people seem more easily drawn into petty squabbling than sensible debate.

Never mind, enough Iron Lady ramblings.  Today I’ve got the all clear to rejoin society (I think there is such thing as a society 😉 ) by the NHS so can return to work next week, and more importantly enjoy Ferocious Dog snagging a support slot to play before Erica Nockalls and then The Wonder Stuff on Saturday on the main stage at Rock City, which is tremendously exciting.

Before all that I get to go Zorbing with Rich!  Exciting stuff!

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