I have a bike, you can ride it if you like..

Dah-na dah-na dah-na dah-na dah-na… BAT BIKE!

… actually, I don’t.  Yet.

A few months ago at work I put my name down for a locker – at Boots there’s a waiting list that folk wisdom suggested lasted a year or more.  The catalyst for this was being in a bit of a mood (!) about the impending Workplace Parking Levy about to be passed on to us in order to pay for Nottingham City Council’s ill-conceived desire to cover our city with electronic modes of transport.

The idea reminded me of when I went to Digger World with Rich and Em – because, ironically, the solution to this could be, wait for it, an electric mode of transport.  As bizarrely an offshoot of Digger World was a company who produced electric bikes.  Basically a normal bike that is assisted by a battery-powered motor.  Which might sound a bit lazy, well, I suppose it is.

So yeah, I thought a year of waiting to be granted a locker would give me some procrastination time – and then maybe I could get myself a Bat-Bike and take advantage of an easy ride in to work, a quick change, a day’s work and then work a bit harder on getting home – which would fit nicely into project fatty too, giving me more exercise.

It would enable me to unsubscribe from the Workplace Parking Levy if I cycled in 80% of the time or more, and of course could feasibly save me an awful lot of money on petrol too.  Food for thought, for sure – more pressing than I’d thought it would be.  Not that I can afford to splash out on a bike right now!

As for other stuff in the world of me.. we’ve had a restructure at work which has been somewhat frustrating, Ferocious Dog have been busy in the studio for their forthcoming EP which I can’t wait to hear – and at the weekend as well as Forest we’ve got the excitement of going to see Carl Froch in his latest bid to retain his world title.

After that there’s the Levellers in Rock City and then Ferocious Dog in Beeston, then Derby.  All in all, lots of music-based excitement with a good smattering of sport.

Before all that of course we have Children in Need and in the midst of it all Movember.  I’m really looking forward to Friday where our team have a day of fundraising planned with a human fruit machine (again) and help from the lovely folks at Alea Casino who’re bringing a roulette wheel in for us to use as a game, then on to the evening where I’ll be taking calls from the lovely folks of the UK until the early hours (and missing seeing the Levellers in Lincoln in so doing, I might add!)

Busy old time.  I’m glad I’ve done all my Christmas shopping! </smugface>

As a final aside – as a throwback to previous posts relating to randomly remembering old school hymns, for reasons best known to my subconscious mind I seem to have had ‘when a knight won his spurs’ stuck in my head – of course, back in the day we would sing it as ‘when Forest beat Spurs’ – which almost certainly are in the stories of old these days!

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