Whacha gonna do? And other Hogan Slogans..

I’ve long since stopped worrying too heartily about ‘project fatty’ too much – but I have maintained the routine of tracking what I eat using MyFitnessPal.  It’s quite good for generally ill-disciplined minds such as mine I’ve found.

Just on a whim I stepped on the scales for the first time in weeks to realise I’d hit the four stone lost landmark since I started.  I’m now hovering at around the weight I think I ought to be.  I’m wearing trousers I could’ve worn when I was seventeen, and they’re a bit on the loose side if anything.  Freaky when you think about it.

Now attentions turn to Movember.  In truth, I wasn’t too fussed about doing it this year but have caved in to peer pressure.  Having done two ‘conventional’ Movembers before last year I did the ‘grow a moustache that has curlable ends’ challenge, and succeeded.  This year I’ve also given myself a head start too.

To make it more interesting this year if I manage to get my sponsorship up to £200 then I’ll bleach what will be a handsome horse-shoe shaped moustache to give me the Hulk Hogan look.  I agreed to this before I realised said wrestler was subject of a sex-tape scandal at the moment.  Dear me.  So despite my ambivalence about hitting this particular target, I suppose I am duty bound to share the link to my Movember profile regardless.

There’s still a way to go yet, so I feel reasonably comfortable.  Should you wish to reduce my levels of comfort then my page is here: http://uk.movember.com/mospace/1202308

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