Our forgotten towns are calling..

I really like, nay, I love The Levellers.  I know I don’t mention it very often.  So it’s rather exciting to report that following a campaign prior to their latest music video released I’ve managed to get two photographs included in it.  The brief was to find photos evocative of ‘Our Forgotten Towns’ – closed or run down areas.

Having wandered aimlessly around Grantham I took a couple of pictures of the closed down Game store there – this is the sixth image shown in the video.  There’s one I took in Nottingham too of Murphy’s Bar and Grill on Parliament Street, which is all boarded up.  To say I’ve found this news monumentally exciting is somewhat of an understatement.

Not only to have have the singular honour of getting a name credit at the end of the video, but the band are kindly sending me a signed poster by way of saying thanks.  The countdown is on for the new album release now, it’s not long!  In the meantime, here’s the video:

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2 thoughts on “Our forgotten towns are calling..

  1. Phil Gospel

    Aha, that is from whence the video arrived in my dropbox!
    Good skills, young sir!

    • Ha! I hadn’t thought that it would cascade to people I’ve shared things with 🙂

      T’was just an easy way to get the video onto my phone 🙂

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