Another head hangs lowly, childhood slowly taken..

Ha, I was lamenting not posting anything on here for a while, started writing something, deleted it – then for the second time today the subject matter of first discoveries of the Internet cropped up.  I suppose I’m privileged in a way to have spent my formative years without the all-pervading online monster – although many would argue (quite reasonably) that I’ve made up for lost time in spades.  Somebody posted on the LTLF forum asking for people’s first experience of the Internet, this was my (probably quite hasty on reflection) response…

My first experience of ‘the internet’ was visiting Nottingham University with my A Level class. By that point we were using our modems to access bulletin boards rather than the internet proper. I remember ripping CDs to mp3 to upload – indeed, I suspect I uploaded more than I downloaded, which is a strange reversal these days.

Thankfully the bulletin boards (I can’t even remember what they were called now!) were all on Diamond Cable numbers so they were free to call after 6pm and at weekends.

The internet proper followed, still via modem – I’d run an extension cable from my room to the phone point in my parent’s room – which malfunctioned occasionally, so would cause the phones in the house to ring. Awkward at 2am! Also it was a nightmare if someone picked the phone up when you were mid-download!

Gradually we’d end up round people’s houses sharing connections around networks (usually Pip’s house!). God, people who’ve only known broadband don’t know they’re born!

Fuck all that shit though, I can remember ordering public domain disks for my Amiga from mail-order catalogues or sometimes picking ’em up at Car Boot sales! There was something better about that, copy disks at your mates house and trading, watching demos like Jesus on E’s or State of the Art, reading disk-based fanzines like Grapevine. Jolly Roger’s cookbook?

Ah, anyone who didn’t spend hours mastering the intricacies of X-Copy III hasn’t lived!

It really is amazing thinking back to the advances in home and office based computing in my relatively short adulthood – the instant nature of information exchange, exacerbated by mobile technology keeping us plugged into email, Facebook or anything else at all times.  Scary.  And quite cool, because I am a geek, after all.

In other not random reminisces I’ve not really been up to much – anyone in or around the Forest match on Saturday might’ve noticed a bunch of unruly pirates in attendance, I was one of those.  I’m glad the football season has finished, to be honest, this one has been draining in the extreme.  Forest have graciously (sic) frozen season ticket prices, which on reflection is probably sensible, with the sad passing of former-owner Nigel Doughty and his estate seeking to dispose of the club then barring an unlikely billionaire take-over Forest will need their fans more than ever ongoing.

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