Do something amazing today..

I’ve weened myself off media whoredom (or the media has weened itself off me I suppose – since I never really go out looking for it..) of late, particularly on the Forest front at least – which is a blessing as there’s been little to talk about that isn’t bleak there.  Okay, I did talk to the lovely folk at Radio Nottingham to offer my thoughts about Nigel Doughty upon the news of his passing.

However, I’m sure you’ll forgive me the indulgence of accepting the approach from the local BBC team to cover my stem-cell match as part of the local ‘Join for Joel’ campaign to recruit potential donors for the Anthony Nolan Register.  If you’ve not heard Joel’s story, then click this link and read some more about him, because he was a really inspirational young man who was taken from the world far too soon by Leukaemia.

If you are 40 or under and fit the other criteria set out by Anthony Nolan, then do register – you don’t know who might be out there desperately hoping for a donor to materialise who happens to match your stem cell characteristics.  If I can’t convince you in writing, then maybe Joel, his Mum – Anne-Marie and I can do so through speech…

The odds of finding a stem cell match are one in tens of thousands – the more people who register to be a donor the better the chance sufferers of Leukaemia or Lymphoma have of finding what might be the vital ingredients for a transplant.

Go on, be a hero – it takes less than ten minutes.

You would be if you registered, even if you are never a match.

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