Further bug-bears.. (iTunes Match again, folks!)

Further limitation of iTunes Match which will hopefully undergo a rethink as Apple update and evolve the admittedly fledgeling service.  Users of iTunes and space-precious iDevices will probably be familiar with the handy setting of ‘convert higher bitrate songs to 128kbps’.  It allows for you to maximise the limited storage on your iPhone or iPod without compromising your local library.

Unfortunately a similar consideration isn’t made for iCloud – it would seem relatively easy to me for there to be a similar option; alas no.  Of course, there is also the option to modify your outlook with your iOS gizmo of choice – have a tighter ‘permanent’ selection of music and download/delete peripheral things as and when you require them (WiFi or 3G connection willing, of course).

I would, however, have preferred the best-of-both-worlds solution – even if it means relying on syncing to a local library to ‘get at’ lower bit-rates, but you can ‘top up’ from iCloud on the go, the ideal solution being that iCloud should offer the functionality AS WELL as being able to dual-manage via iTunes should you wish, after all, it’s less faff than downloading everything from the cloud when you’re sat next to your library stored locally.

It seems odd to me that on MacOS you can have whatever locally store files you like, but are not afforded the same privilege on an iOS platform.

Another buglet (actually, a considerable bug) I had noticed is on my iPhone if I shuffle a playlist occasionally tracks will skip without playing, and worse-still the ‘next’ track will play without advancing the artwork or details – so in effect playing the wrong song (or displaying the wrong information, depending on your point of view).  It would appear both these phenomena have been observed elsewhere and whilst not openly acknowledged by Apple are thought to be included in their list of things to resolve with their next release of updates.

I must admit that iTunes Match has proven rather below the usual standard of new experiences with an Apple product – difficult to enable (as previous posts will testify!), a little inflexible in options and, well, buggy!  The woes of the early-adopter, eh?  Maybe I should resist the urge to jump onto bandwagons until a few others feel the urge to chronicle the potential pitfalls as I have.

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