Coverflow and iTunes Match..

Sorry, I know, iTunes Match overkill, but CoverFlow is pretty – and it doesn’t seem to play quite right with iTunes Match yet.

A fairly trivial thing I noticed that doesn’t really have much use to anyone – but since I just had a quick Google to validate my findings it doesn’t seem widely mentioned.  The great thing, of course, about iTunes Match is that your whole library is there on your iDevice at least in a reference sense.

If there’s something you don’t have to hand, rather than impatiently wait for your next sync you can download it on the spot -and you can tell what those things are because there’s a handy download button next to ’em, right?

Unless you’re looking at coverflow.  I’ll be honest, I don’t generally use coverflow aside from either just casually admiring my beautiful artwork (see previous blog post – I already know I’m a hopeless case) or sometimes maybe if encouraging others of the wonders of the iPhone – because, let’s face it, it’s not the most practical view in the world, but it is the most tactile and pretty.

However, it makes it seems as though your whole library is literally at your fingertips without any need for data transfer, see the example below:

So, even though I know that of the tracks on the screen, only ‘Goin’ Down to Mexico’ is actually present on my iPhone, they’re all presented as available.  Should I tap on ‘Brown Sugar’ though, it will download and play as soon as there’s enough data to play with.  Which is fine if I want it to do that – if I didn’t, due to data allowances or similar, there’s no indication at all that it needs to go to iCloud to get that track for me.

Fair minor quibble, in truth, but a quibble nonetheless!  I promise to write about something other than iTunes Match in my next blog post.

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