I’ve been gone ’til Movember..

Hmm, after a brief resumption of a reasonable frequency of blogging I appear to have lapsed for a month.  I’m not so sure what was so busy about October, but apparently I didn’t have much to talk about.  In truth, I’m not sure that do now – but felt compelled to at least break the silence.

Work’s been pretty busy lately, but mostly good busy (as good busy as being a sell-out corporate whore can be, of course), which I guess is a factor.  Of course, in that other great waste-of-time in my life Nottingham Forest, there has been rather a lot going on too… a frankly shit start to the season, overseen by an absolute shitcake of a manager – now replaced with the initially underwhelming but increasingly shrewd appointment of Steve Cotterill.  Still, it wouldn’t be Forest if it were (a) easy or (b) predictable.

Of course, now we are in the merry month of November.  Or, more accurately speaking, Movember.  I like Movember – last year you might remember that I sported a moustache to celebrate this event, this year I’ve upped the ante a little – with a little preparation I’m on course to have a curlable imperial ‘tache by the end of the month.  This necessitates bending the rules of starting the month clean-shaven, of course, but I think it will be worth it.  Generous sponsors have already pledged a chunk of cash – should you wish to do the same you can do so here: http://mobro.co/AlanFisher 

I even have moustache wax in preparation (eventually the sub-mouth sections will be shaven off).  Depending on how donations go I might pick a threshold at which point I’ll agree do to some crazy moustache dyeing or something.  I shall see.

The other good thing about the eleventh month is Children in Need falls within it.  It’s a great charity, obviously – but the reason it’s particularly dear to me is because of the involvement my esteemed employers have with them – and the fact that they make available the call centre on our site to take pledges.  I’ve worked out that I think this will be my ninth year of taking calls, starting at around 6pm and finishing at 2am.  That sounds a bit like I’m claiming martyrdom, but it’s not like that, honest.

It’s too easy to think that people aren’t nice – and I’ve yet to find a better cure than spending an evening talking to people at their very best.  Undoubtedly charities like this shouldn’t have to exist if humans in general weren’t self-serving profiteers, but whilst of course raising money for the charity is the principle aim, I don’t underestimate the good the process does to me – not in terms of some kind of redemption but because it really reminds me how bloody great so many people are.  Chatting to people moved to help those less fortunate is a fantastic tonic for the world-weary.  I heartily recommend it.

This year our team have some great plans during the day in the office to raise money which is always great fun to be part of – so we should have a day of hard-work-but-fun followed by an evening of chatting to awesome people (plus, of course, it would be futile to deny that there might be what has become the annual tradition of a local TV appearance or two – but, and this is the cunning part – I think I’ve found a way to make sure I won’t be seen, even if it does happen! Muhahaha!  I guess having a moustache does give one a certain air of cunning!






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