Feeling evangelumpy.. or relucgelical.. or something..

Next week we’re off to take part in our company’s annual charity-partner event.  This year we undertake (as an organisation – not individually) a walk from Castle Cary, which festival aficionados will know as the nearest train station to the Glastonbury festival, to Nottingham.  Our team are part of the ‘first leg’ – so will be taking on the first 18 miles of the journey.

Well, some of us will – there’s a shorter canal-side walk for folks two whom 18 miles of very rural walking has proven a barrier, and there’s a contingent cycling a really long distance (then back again – to get to their minibus!).

It’s not a random selection of places either – the starting point is where Douglas Macmillan comes from.  Douglas Macmillan of course is the founder of the charity Macmillan Cancer Support – our charity partner of choice.  I spent quite some time mixing him up with Duncan Macmillan, the name used to rebrand Mapperley Hospital whilst I was doing some summer work there one year!  Nottingham is where Jesse Boot hails from – so we are literally linking our two organisations.

A nice idea – an overt altruist connected with a businessman who certainly participated in more than his fair share of philanthropy!  I’m a big fan of charity activities, as I’m sure anyone who knows me will know, but this one feels a bit corporate which is part of the reason – as well as the fact that I already bombard my friends and colleagues with charity requests – that I’ve not hammered the donation page at all.  It’s all a bit enforced participation.

Having said all that,  I do like the opportunity to get out in the countryside and take in some exercise – but I’m not looking forward to leaving Nottingham at 6am and getting home probably gone 10pm.  If it weren’t for the fact that the timing means I miss a game of football and the chance to see an Evening with Mark Crossley at The Approach it might just have paid off.

Regardless, Macmillan Cancer Care is a fantastic charity – it really is – and not giving people an opportunity to make a donation because I’m a bit grumpy about logistics would be cold-hearted of me.  So should you wish to support us in our trekking quest then you can do so by clicking here.  I work in the Insights part of the labyrinthine description on that site.

So whilst I’m not sure that a bunch of office-softened numpties such as myself participating in a glorified ramble is particularly worthy of merit – if it gives people the impetus to back what is a tremendous cause that lends so much support to so many people who really need it, then really, that’s all that counts isn’t it?

I’m trying to think of a suitable portmanteau word for ‘grumpy’ or ‘reluctant’ and ‘evangelist’… evangelumpy?  evanluctant?   Whatever it is, that’s how I feel about the whole situation – I passionately support the cause, but have reservations about the means.  I’ll also be taking the reins of the corporate Twitter account for the day (I can’t remember the ID of it at present), so I need to get my corporate head on I guess…

Ho hum!

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