Well the year is twenty one and one..

England has gone mad.  What started ostensibly as a protest against a police shooting in a specific locale has spiraled into a nationwide spate of unrest, rioting and looting.  What is more worrying though are the vultures circling to attach their own agendas to events, and of course the dithering idiots in government who procrastinate and leave the police to deal with events as they can.

The prevalence of lazy racial slurs is predictable from more right-leaners, but from the numerous ‘shop a looter’ photos doing the rounds my impression is of a much more multi-cultural brand of yob at large across the UK, I don’t suppose that will detract from racist organisations like the BNP or the EDL trying to rally support from people who struggle to think for themselves on the back of these events.

This wave of behaviour from youngsters bereft of any notion of consequences for their actions has not just glossed over, it’s completely drowned whatever root there might be to these alarming events.  Firstly, rioting even as part of a protest that may have credibility (I’m not judging that) is unjustifiable – but could well be the act of a section of society so marginalised, so detached from the rest – that they feel they literally have nothing to lose.

Of course, this has been diluted to nothing thanks to hordes of opportunists seeing it as an opportunity to rob some new trainers or just generally misbehave.  In Nottingham, oddly, there seems to have been – after an initial foray to break into the Victoria Centre – a forgoing of the chance to go looting, and instead local hoodlums instead opted to (a) dance about on the roof of the Nottingham High School and (b) firebomb five local police stations (and I’m sure many other things).

It’s perplexing, and worrying – and whilst I admittedly had little faith in Cameron and Co. anyway, they’ve not done much to try to win any further credibility – and of course, because of the mass dilution thanks to an idiot minority taking cues from the catalyst to this, they probably won’t be held to account for their policy decisions that will undoubtedly have contributed to society literally falling apart in some areas.

On the policing I can only comment locally – but Nottinghamshire Police have really shone in their communications and handling of events locally.  Whilst over 1,000 calls were made to them – on an evening where a game between Forest and County went ahead (without incident, I might add), they’ve done a good job in a really difficult circumstance.  Any Nottinghamians I’d recommend following @nottspolice on Twitter to keep up to date with any potential ongoing problems.

Whilst Blackberry Messenger and Twitter had the accusatory finger pointed towards them, it’s brilliant to see the same mechanisms are being used for good by decent society-minded people (who, much like the rioters – are also multi-cultural!) to spark clean-up operations and support for individuals and businesses impacted by this loutish behaviour – which, at its’ worse, has cost three people their lives in Birmingham.

There needs to be decisive direction from on high to tackle this – because whilst the police are doing an admirable job, it wouldn’t be too far a stretch to imagine a spate of vigilante action which – whilst might seem justifiable in some instances – isn’t really a good idea.  Mob rule doesn’t result in justice, and there is always likely to be innocents caught in the crossfire.

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