Redemption of sorts, and another beta faff..

More phone-based monkeying around...

Well, since I had a bit of a moan about it before, it’s only fair to conclude the tale of iPhone breakage.  Whilst my initial experiences with Protect Your Bubble were frustrating, after a member of their team happened upon my rant and got in touch I must admit that I was impressed with the speed of resolution.

Once the envelope arrived I sent it Special Delivery on a Saturday morning, receipt was confirmed on Monday and in the afternoo I was informed that a replacement would be issued – which was delivered by Tuesday morning.  Excellent. I remain unconvinced of forking out a combined about £100 in excess fees, topping up the premium amount and sending the original phone back represents that could value – although of course buying a new iPhone would cost considerably more than that.

Still, a happy ending, and assurances that my feedback around the earlier wibbles in service levels would be taken on board for future processes – so perhaps my tribulations might spare future customers some of my irritations.

I’m now – having had to restore a chunk of my laptop which seems to be playing silly buggers – in the process of getting the iPhone up to the second beta release of iOS5.  There are also intriguing setup files for iCloud which I’m about to play with whilst my phone is doing its’ thang on the whole backup/restore/update/restore process.. ah, such fun. I should really be more patient and wait for the update to be made official…

Should you have the urge to update, it can be done – have a google about the place, ideally you should get your phone added to the account of a friendly iOS developer – although there are apparently sneaky ways to escape the need to do this.  You should remember that iPhones make it difficult to downgrade your OS, so it’s a rather one-way street and if you don’t like it, you’re stuck with it.  And it’s a beta, it will have a few bugs and glitches..

.. I still have 37 mins or so of restore to occur with phone non-operative, so can’t report on what those bugs may be.  iOS5 beta 1 was useable though, the only bugs I really found were mild niggles rather than fully fledged annoyances.. if I encounter any of the latter I’m sure I’ll indulge in a bit of rant about it.  Failing that I have remembered another school-based musical memory to try to keep this mini blog revival on track with later in the week.  Exciting!

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One thought on “Redemption of sorts, and another beta faff..

  1. Emmanuel B

    Hi Alan,

    I just happened to come across your post about PYB. I guess it comes as no surprise to you that since my initial claim 31st July 2013, to now there is still no sign of my new device. I won’t go into a full blown rant as I’m sure you are aware from the amount of people that replied to your post/blog that they are also having various issues with this company.

    I wanted to ask if you could please send me the contact details for Helen? (I know, I know it has been a while)

    i’m an event organiser and so having my device is extremely important as i get calls and emails all day everyday. I have been lucky to enough to borrow my friends phone, but they need it back now and this would mean i have to buy a new device (defying the purpose of having insurance to fix my problems)

    I don’t want vouchers, money off or anything like that (although it would be nice) I just want to receive my phone and continue using it. Im sure you can appreciate having experienced yourself the longevity of sorting a claim with them.

    This would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for your help.

    P.s. Simply out of curiosity are you still with PYB, or after your year was up did you take your device to a different insurance company? I have my device and my Mrs device civered by them, i am considering moving elsewhere from them.

    All the best

    Emmanuel Boateng

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