Without our stories and our songs, how will we know where we come from?

I’ve been spectacularly lax on updating this site really.  Life’s kinda ticking along which doesn’t inspire updates – I suppose it should do still, but I’m lazy too.

However, excitement is mounting for me as The Levellers come to Nottingham on 12th March as part of their 20th anniversary tour for Levelling the Land.  To say I’m unfeasibly excited by this prospect is a massive understatement.  Of course, in football too Forest remain in the mix for promotion but have faltered of late in their form – hopefully they can get back to winning ways tomorrow when Hull come to town.

Other excitement for a gadget-nut like me is that we’ve bought some new home entertainment things – after our last ‘proper’ telly blew up (probably because one of the winged menaces landed a direct hit down the back of the air vents) we’ve made do with a smaller cheap one – which has done admirably.  We are finally joining the proper HD revolution though.

We are planning on wall-mounting the new telly in a recess in the chimney breast – this will prevent our feathered friends from sitting on top of it you see.  Over-engineering, perhaps – but it will look pretty too.  To go with the telly we have an alarming array of wires and peripherals to plug into it, as well as a splendid hand-made unit to house them.  That arrived today.

Unfortunately the builder who is going to do the difficult bit for us is tied up for three weeks so we’re going to have it set up on the new piece of furniture in the interim, which is pretty exciting in itself.  We’ll be a three-console household which feels rather decadent, particularly since I’m not a particularly hardcore gamer by any stretch of the imagination – but well, meh.. the PS3 is also an excellent blu-ray player and media streaming device which was the main reason.

Finally a blast from the past caught up with me – Audiogalaxy was my favourite p2p downloading means in the early noughties.  I used to install the satellite application on my work PC which had uber-fast internet connectivity and then remotely send whatever music occurred to me whenever to it, then brought them home on zip disks (remember them?!) to add to my library.

After it was closed down – understandably given the questionable legality of the operation – it was a real bind.  Well, it’s back – albeit in a very different, but still bloody useful, guise.  You see, you can install their ‘helper’ programme on your computer housing your music collection – and then access that collection wherever you are with an internet collection or, for iPhone users at least, on your phone.

Nice features like integration with Last.fm, Twitter and Facebook are good bonuses, and I’m hoping that in the future they might enhance the social media aspect of the project by enabling you to listen to your friends’ music collections etc – really cool, I like it a lot.  It means I can refine the music I carry around with me on my iPhone now and free up space for, well, other stuff (as yet to be determined).

Good to have you back, Audiogalaxy!  Rapidly approaching is my birthday and then a week-and-a-bit break in Dorset which I’m looking forward to, could use some down-time!

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