Wiped out!

It’s been fairly eventful of late – since I last wrote about didgeridooing I’ve also taken part in a charity footy match which was great fun, and gave me a chance to play alongside my boyhood hero – Steve Hodge.  My mate Neil at the BBC did the legwork in organising the event, venue and some celebrity players and asked me to rustle up a team from Boots to face them.  It was a great evening.

There were blushes for yours truly though – early in the game Hodgey went down like a cheap whore in the penalty area and the referee awarded a spot kick.  Lurking at centreback he shouted back “Skipper! You have it…” at me.  Gulp.  I duly listened to my team-mates shouting “Smash it!” behind me and did just that… against the crossbar – d’oh!

The game ultimately ended 5-5, thanks to a controversial last minute penalty where Pudsey Bear took a tumble in the penalty area giving the BBC a penalty to finish the game off and share the spoils.  I really enjoyable day – not least thanks to the ex pros Steve Hodge, Lawrie Dudfield, Michael Johnson and Nigel ‘the elbows’ Jemson.  Not to mention our managers Kenny Burns and Steve Sutton.

Following that up for Children in Need itself our team at work actually threw themselves into the event much more so than in the past (thanks largely to Kate) and raised a fair chunk of cash with a couple of stalls at our head office.  The usual all night stint in the call centre gave me my annual dose of feeling great about humanity and meant it didn’t feel too bad about the early start the day after to travel to Cardiff to see Forest actually win away!

However, more eventful potentially is today’s shenanigans – Jimmy and I hotfooted it to Birmingham this morning to audition for Total Wipeout and made it through all the stages today so are both eagerly awaiting contact from the production company organising it, in less happy news Matt – who was on the afternoon audition session – didn’t get through, so then there were two.  Gutted for him.

Within a couple of weeks we should find out whether or not we’ve made the final final shortlist – from which they’ll select the 160 lucky people to take part in the show being filmed in January and February.  To say that it’s potentially unfeasibly exciting is understating it – it would be awesome!

Aside from Matt’s unlucky news, the day was further marred by arriving home to find we had a dead dove in the garden.  Perched on one of the seed feeders that Cat keeps well stocked for our garden-based feathered friends, the cold weather had obviously proven too much for it to cope with.  So a quick bit of digging and it was at least laid to rest with some degree of dignity.  Poor bugger.

To end on a happier note: BRING ON THOSE BIG RED BALLS!!!

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5 thoughts on “Wiped out!

  1. Ross

    Hi there Alan,
    I too took part in the total wipeout audition in Birmingham (I was the guy with the fake rubber testicals protruding out of my shorts! Which one of the producers asked me to remove just before the obstical course. What were you wearing?)

    I got through all the stages and was wondering whether you had heard anything yet or not?

    P.s. I really like your site. V. cool list of things you want to do! Genius! AND GOOD LUCK

    • Hey Ross!

      I remember you only too well, suspect you might remember me too – I was the 6 foot parrot (and Jimmy the Famous Grouse!)

      Heard nothing as yet… still hopeful! Good luck to you, too!


      • Ross

        Ah I thought that might have been you from the numberous pictures of your bird Lloyd! I remember calling you a pretty boy 😉

        Well figures crossed mate.

  2. Ross

    Hi Mate,

    I think I have lost hope of the Total Wipeout call now 😦

    I was wondering whether you had heard anything.
    P.s. Your blog about Rolf Harris is well funny!

    • Heard nothing mate, Jimmy and I are losing faith! Guess they probably get more middle-aged white dudes than any other demographic!

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