Shit happens, but life goes on..

After a mini-splurge of blog posts (by my standards) I’d half forgotten about it again. Oops. I can remember when I used to be able to write something every day (on a dim, distant and long forgotten website, thankfully – I doubt it was very interesting!), but perhaps have swung a little too far the other way.

There’s been a few reasonably eventful things occuring that are worthy of mention – hot off the press was that some bastard saw fit to take a screwdriver to my car lock and half-inch my stereo.  Very saddening, not worth an insurance claim really, and made a real mess of the cabling I’d carefully arranged to get everything working just how I wanted.  Not much more to say on that, it dismays me that people will so readily show no regard for other peoples’ things.

Sounds quite materialistic when you put it like that, but still.  Given the relative rarity of my car I suppose the lack of massive damage to any difficult to source parts are a positive factor in this – had they elected to smash a window or do more serious damage to the door panels it would’ve been a real ballache.  As it is, my car does lock – but has a gouge signposting how to make that not the case, and a gaping hole where the stereo was that hasn’t been adequately compensated for by playing music through my phone speakers in the slightest!

Still, the bodywork repairs will need to take priority I suppose – but I feel very unmotivated to deal with it at the moment.

On the plus side, next week I’m taking part in a charity football match between the BBC and Boots to raise cash for Children in Need.  I say taking part, I actually put the team together for the Boots side.  Due to the general awesomeness of my colleagues and their eagerness to participate we may have a few too many players – but it should be a chuckle.  It kicks off at 7:45 at Carlton Town FC on Tuesday 16th November if you fancy a giggle.

Further happier news is that The Levellers are touring in March and I managed to coerce a few people to come with me to the gig at Rock City in Nottingham.  In addition to that I bought a ticket to their current tour for next week, I’m heading to that on my own (although I know at least a couple of people who will be there!) so that’s something positive to be looking forward to next week.  This current tour marks the 20th anniversary of their debut album A Weapon Called the Word.

In March they are touring the 20th anniversary of Levelling the Land – probably their best-known album and is a big chunk of the body of their work that made me have such an enduring love affair with their music.  So all in all, it’s been a Levellers-tastic kinda time of it what with the recent trip to see Mark Chadwick without the rest of the boys too – although that, the previous Levs gig and the next Levs gig I go to will have all been solo efforts – so I’ll be glad to have some company in March!

The other big waste-of-time-and-cash in my life aside from my car is of course Forest, and whilst they’ve not had a blistering start to the season we’re not far off the par we set for ourselves last year – but off the field nonsense between board and manager is a heady brew to make my fellow fans often act like idiots.  As a natural conflict avoider I find that incredibly offputting so I’ve found myself heading to less away games this season so far – and home games (despite on the whole decent results) have become more of a chore.

Underpinning and over-arching all these unexciting trivialites is of course the fact it’s Movember, so I’m in the midst of growing a magnificent moustache, for which you could sponsor me if you wanted to.  Currently I have an accompanying goatee arrangement, although I might shrink that down over the rest of the month until I’m left with just a ‘tache.  An influx of sponsorship would certainly help that along.  Amusingly, and to link a couple of threads of this post together, I’ve joined the Levellers ‘group’ on the Movember website so any sponsorship I accrue will also go towards their group total.

I could have probably written all of that by saying “Shit happens, but life goes on.”  (in fact, I might make that the title!).  Ooh, oh yes, on friday morning I get to go to police HQ and see them get all CSI on my car which will be amusing – whilst I don’t hold out much hope of them catching the perpetrators it’s a good thing that they’re at least showing some desire to.  In the meantime I’ll keep an eye on eBay for the things that went missing…

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