Biltong market research..

As anyone who has befriended me on Facebook will know, I’ve become a little obsessed with Biltong over the last few months – to the point of actually producing it on a small scale at home.  To further my knowledge, and because I’m easily led by a similarly obsessed but more instant-gratification-driven colleague, we ordered numerous packets of different types from Susmans, a leading UK-based purveyor of dried meat goodness.

So far I’ve sampled some stukkies, some Peri Peri beef bilton and some ostrich biltong from their extensive range.  All very enjoyable, of course – given that I was motivated by the what-I-now-realise-to-be mediocre mass produced stuff you get in supermarkets – indeed, a few months ago I’d have said it was awesome.  I also had a nibble (ooer) on one of my colleagues’ Droerwors (a kind of dried sausage).

I wouldn’t say I’m underwhelmed – but the best of my home-made efforts have been comparable if not better than what I’ve tried so far.  I do have a few more to get through though – and if nothing else it’s made me strengthen my resolve to get hold of a good chunk of ostrich meat to try drying myself.  All in all, a worthwhile exercise – and one that meant I got to eat lots of meat!

Susmans also do non-vacuum-packed ‘fresher’ variants – I might try that, or I might just stick with what I make myself!  The main issue is saltiness, which is probably a product of the need for shelf-life – as I’ve been progressively cutting down on salt in my own efforts after an early attempt stripped almost all the moisture out of the early guinea pigs!

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5 thoughts on “Biltong market research..

  1. Hi Alan,
    I thought i’d wish you good luck with your biltong making attempts. If you fancy trying my biltong please have a look at my website. I’ve only been going for less than a year but have already won best uk biltong in the biltong taste awards held earlier this year. if you like biltong I think you’ll love mine.

    • Tebogo

      Hi Damion… Congrats on your Best Biltong Award.. I am interested in going into this business of making a nd selling biltong overseas UK , Australia etc.. Is there good market that side? In my country beef is galore and cheap and I thought we could help each other..
      Reply to my email

  2. Cheers Damion! I’ve passed on your details to my fellow biltong fan at work…!

    I must get some more meat soon, I’ve been a bit slack over the last few weeks…

  3. Tebogo

    Hi… How is your small scale business going? I would like to know about biltong market in the UK, Australia n US.thanks

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