What’s wrong with the Football League Show?

I don’t mind Manish too much, even if he’s part of the BBC Leicester conspiracy, and whilst Claridge has the charisma and presenting skills of a lump of coal, he is pretty knowledgable unlike the Match of the Day pundits.

It’s the Lizzie and Clem nonsense that is an utter waste of time. Forest’s highlights were reduced to the goals, ignoring some other cracking footy, in exchange we get to hear Lizzie reading out texts and emails from morons, and ‘Clem’ galavanting around Huish Park like a big bald camp irritant.

Why not maximise the cash you paid to show the highlights? Save a bit by getting rid of the considerable chaff on the payroll. As football fans we want to see the action, not half-baked trivia from a bald dude nor the opinions of idiots read out by a token lady.

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6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with the Football League Show?

  1. bakeri666

    But like the Murphey’s, you’re not Bitter πŸ˜‰

  2. What’s irritating is that Clem has spent a lot of time visiting FL clubs and knows a lot, but they use him for a waste of time trivia slot. Manish is wooden but acceptable and Claridge is a blinkered fool.

    The FL show is such a wasted opportunity for the Beeb after ITV just gave up on The Championship.

    As an aside, isn’t the FL show supposed to be on red button on Sunday mornings? Nowhere to be seen – not a big loss as the BBC online match highlights are usually pretty good.

  3. Phil

    Completely agree.

    The BBC seems to hire pundits based on their unsuitability for the job. Steve Claridge is OK, but Robbie Savage? Leroy Rosenior? CARLTON PALMER?! OK, so he doesn’t do the Football League Show as far as I know, but still… CARLTON PALMER?!

  4. ChrisB

    Good commentsM Claridge looks as though someone has wound him up and he’s ready for a rewind and I was def going to boycott this show if that idiot Savage had been kept on. What an insult to Forest fans !

  5. Keith belshaw

    Leave Lizzy alone, the comments piece is probably the only mention some lower league clubs get as the format cannot contain all the League football played on a Saturday,
    The Championship clubs rightly get the Lion’s share of attention, but it’s the format that needs to be expanded.

    I’d propose the show stays roughly as it is, but with expanded highlights via the red button.

    That would do the trick, they might even let Lizy & Clem do a bit more that way.

    • I’m not really interested in mentions – just want to see more than half-arsed footage both for Championship and lower league teams alike (Forest were down there not that long ago so I know what that’s like!).

      Get rid of Lizzie, Clem and expand all the highlights – red button them too for even more detail, why not? πŸ™‚ Indeed, if people do actually crave hearing why Chaventry fans want Marlon King to have a second chance, maybe that could be put on the red button too…

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