Nottingham City Council: Proud to rob its workers..


Nottingham’s pretty famous for corrupt officials, admittedly on a more nationalist scale we needed the probably fictional outlaw Robin Hood to rob from the rich to give to the poor, and it was quite a long time ago.  In a more modern twist the City Council are still hell bent on robbing from their workers to pay for their tram.

I’ve moaned about it before, but I’ll moan about it again quite happily – with the aid of a bit of Photoshoppery.  The Work Parking Levy – a scheme whereby Nottingham City council rather ingeniously taxes a swathe of population whose votes they don’t depend upon – is still very much on their agenda.  They need to do it, apparently, to ease congestion on the city’s roads.  And also (not the main reason, of course) to pay for phase two of the tram system.

Rather than have a lengthy rant:

  • If it worked – ie. people who working within City Council bounds stopped driving to work and opted instead for the inadequate public transport system – there’d be no income from it.
  • Clearly this is a fairly transparent cash raising exercise, to pay for a tram extension that doesn’t remotely help the majority of people who will be footing the bill for it.
  • If congestion easing was the aim, why target only workers? Has anybody else noticed how remarkably quiet the roads are during school holidays?
  • People who live in City Council boundaries are unlikely to have to drive to work if they also work there – or they will work outside of those boundaries so will be unaffected by WPL – so ingeniously, this will have a minimal impact upon the shysters who came up with this scheme in terms of the ballot box.

Of course, that doesn’t begin to factor in the impact this could have in attracting new businesses to locate in Nottingham, why people who work hard should be forced to contribute to a scheme which by definition won’t help them (as otherwise they wouldn’t be driving in the first place!).  Do councillors get to claim outrageous expenses too? Maybe there should be an investigation in that to get rid of them since it seems to be a flavour of the month…

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