So this is Christmas..

.. or rather, was Christmas!

And given that I’ve lost a lot of fondness for the festival of capitalism as in the past couple of years it has proven rather a portent of ill-tidings rather than good; and given Granny and Dad’s recent heart issues, this year could’ve proven tricky.

Happily, things turned  out pretty well.  Lots of gifts were given and received with fairly resounding success – the dinner was ace, and ‘operation Spinning Wheel’ went according to plan as well*

Boxing day was spent lying in until it was time to meet some of the good folks from LTLF to take in the pitiful showing Forest put on against Doncaster, a 4-2 reverse was enough to cost the bronzen Colin Calderwood his job – I’m sad in a way, but well, going to watch Forest has been like visiting a dying relative at times under his tenure.

Tomorrow I’m off to Naaaaaarwich to watch the now managerless Nottingham Forest take on the Canaries, I am sharing this pain with Andy, Kat, Rachel and Drei – so that at least will make the experience fun, as will plenty of alcohol!

Aside from Christmas and Forestness I’ve had some misfortune in that I knackered my ankle playing football a few weeks back, indeed, to the point where I was signed off work for almost two weeks!  I’m back on my feet now although there’ll be no running about or kicking things for a while still.

Thanks to some help from Rob, though, Cat and I have now got an operational downstairs – not least thanks to some heroic painting efforts from my Dad.  We have managed to scratch the new floor already, which is annoying, but aside from that, everything’s hunky dory and it’s good to be back downstairs again!

* Operation Spinning Wheel was a mission to acquire a Spinning Wheel, funnily enough.  This is something Cat had expressed a desire to own, but typically isn’t simply a ‘thing’ you can just buy, well, it is, but there are different kinds – and they suit people differently.  So we went to see someone ostensibly to set up lessons for spinning, but actually to test out the different kinds.

Little was I to know they came in flat pack form – so I also ended up having to assemble it; the wood also came untreated, so I had to varnish it too!  It does look ace though, and judging by stuff that it has been producing that looks suspiciously like yarn, it seems to work as well!

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