iPhone 2.02 jailbreak and shenanigans..

I had a while back decided I wasn’t too arsed about jailbreaking my iPhone, but well, as I oft do with technology I got a little bored and decided to do it anyway, having discovered that you could do it with a tool called QuickPWN.  Instructions on doing it are understandably sketchy, as developers tend to specialise, funnily enough, in developing rather than user-friendly instructions – plus their target audience tend to be people who can easy out-geek me.

So, amidst fears that in upgrading to 2.02 I had missed the jailbreaking boat, I duly opened up Google which presented me with this really useful guide.  These are the instructions I followed, and it worked.  The only thing they were not clear on was the length of time it can take for restarts – so it does lead to a few spincter-twitching moments; however, I was spurred on by the (as yet untested for me) claims that even if it went horribly wrong, a simple restore via iTunes would sort it out.

Why would you want to jailbreak your phone?  With the inception of AppStore, third party applications are now available anyway (sometimes for a price), however, Apple are less keen on other applications making it onto their beloved platform.  Video recording, for instance – is something my iPhone can now do, thanks to an application called Cycorder.

The other thing that jailbreaking enables is customisation; now, there is a school of thought that points out – not unreasonably – that the iPhone environment was a rather attractive thing to behold, and thus shouldn’t be tampered with.  And I agree with that, to a point.  But I resent being enforced not to, so I do actually quite like the ability to tamper with things; which as you can see from the screenshot are considerably tampered with.

In the past I used to spend many happy an hour designing themes for Geeklog, given the relative simplicity of iPhone themes I could be quite tempted to try to get into designing stuff again.  As it is so far I’ve restricted myself to hacking apart the work of others into something approximating what I would like – I’ve also been investigating how to achieve transparencies in PNG files, which I think could lead to intriguing results; I like the idea of making the buttons fairly blended in.

Other things I’ve amused myself with is installing an application called ‘Categories’ which allows you to create folders in which to put groups of applications; which has tidied up my ‘Springboard’ (the technical term for the iPhone menu system), I’ve installed pretty impressive NES and Gameboy Advance emulators, as well as a more advanced Camera program, and a Video recorder.  It’s true to get the most out of these things you need to be comfortable using either SSH or WinSCP (for Microsoft-based people such as myself) to get full use out of them.

In an extension of theme type stuff, I’ve also just added a small weather ‘widget’ to the home screen, as well as changing things like the battery colour and changing the slider to a zip, using the ‘Winterboard’ application, and the language to say ‘unzip’ rather than ‘slide- using the ‘Customize’ application (which has also enabled me to change my SMS alert tone to a light saber.. ah, t’was inevitable!).  So yes, a myriad of customisations and changes, many of which I will probably lose when the novelty wears off!

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5 thoughts on “iPhone 2.02 jailbreak and shenanigans..

  1. JimJim

    HOW TO ACHIEVE TRANSPARENCIES IN PNG FILES??? They come with transparency as part of the nominal palette if nothing else: everything in PNG is 32-bit colour, not 24-bit.
    1. Open image in gimp
    2. Rub out part of the image with the “eraser”
    3. Transparency!

    If you mean translucency then… well, that depends what you’re aiming to achieve, but it’s ultimately similar to attempting any kind of colour bias.

    Jailbreaking for video is something that tempts me (particularly now that I’ve scratched the hell out of the front of my iphone), but I’m well aware that the frame rate that the phone preview gets is horrendous, the nominal “shutter time” is generally pretty huge, and plainly the camera sends one complete image at a time, not even attempting to do video compression (you can see the image “tear” sometimes when you move quickly). So, I don’t hold out much hope for that at least until someone can really play with the knobs, and that would mean Apple.

    Likewise, SSH would be nice, but I’m not convinced that the current keyboard implementation is viable for the pseudo-English of UNIX commands (no typo corrections possible). I’m sure there will be an SSH client on the App Store at some point, if the terms and conditions don’t prohibit it, but even then I wouldn’t expect to find it as useful as I should.

  2. As in partial transparency (is that translucency? Bah – pedant 🙂 )… I like the idea of some pale buttons that are partially see-through to make it compatible with a range of backgrounds; I shall see if I can be arsed to do it – I’ve worked out how to do it roughly in Photoshop – just need to experiment.

    The quality of video files isn’t brilliant, and certainly no substitute for a proper camera… but it’s handy to have the ability when out and about, and whilst the video quality isn’t great, it’s comparable with other mobile phones I’ve used.

    SSH to me isn’t such a big deal (which will be a shock for you 🙂 ).. although being able to copy files to/from the device with WinSCP or similar is useful – particularly to retrieve the video files!

    There is a huge element of ‘because I can’ about the whole exercise, rather than ‘this will give me a significantly more useful device’ 🙂

  3. JimJim

    Yeah, I guessed that might be a factor.

    iPhone Safari does support ftp:// URLs in read-only stylee, actually, but I don’t know that I’d generally bother to use it that way.

  4. Peter

    Your iPhone looks well and truly pimped!! I’m tempted to jailbreak my iPhone after reading this, but lack of techie knowledge is putting me off a little.

  5. I shall neither recommend nor dissuade you from doing it 😀

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