Who let the dogs out?

I forewent my usual Sunday morning lie-in to take a trip up to Warrington of all places, with Ma, Granny and Cat along with the houndfolk of Milly and Sam in order to visit new-dog-to-be, Heidi.

Me with Heidi, Milly and Sammy

Heidi’s a collie whose owners decided, upon acquiring her by whatever means, that they couldn’t be arsed with her – so despite being perfectly healthy and with a lovely nature, they decided to try to get her put to sleep… or, that makes it sound too nice, they wanted to kill her.

Fortunately she was rescued – and will shortly be travelling down to Nottingham to take up residence with Ma, Dad and Milly. Today’s trip was a chance to test her out with Sam (who would get on with any dog on the planet) and Milly, who is a little more highly strung.

However, upon getting ’em all in a park it transpired that there wouldn’t be any problems – the only snapping and barking that went on was very good natured indeed, and Heidi provided a nice reminder at how a younger Collie can zoom all over the place for ever if given the chance! At 14, Sammy’s a bit too old for those kinds of shenanigans these days!

So we’re heading back up there on 3rd March to bring her home, Ma and Dad have an unfortunate holiday timed between now and then otherwise we could’ve brought her back sooner – but she’s being well cared for where she is.

Just makes you realise what bastards some people are to consider having an animal that could bring so much pleasure to people put to death.

By the end of the walk, it was all too much for poor Milly – she tried desperately to keep up the pace with her little legs but was absolutely shattered by the end of it!

A quick pub-lunch delivered needed sustenance and it was back down to Nottingham and home – a different but very interesting way to spend a Sunday, and we’re all now looking forward to bringing Heidi into ‘the pack’ and seeing if Milly will let her have any toys/chews/a bed!

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