The fuel-efficiency game…

I discovered my car’s trip computer automatically logs your current journey – ie, when the ignition started until you stop.  And I’ve become transfixed with the mpg rating which updates as you drive, and have been cunningly attempting to maximise fuel efficiency when commuting (which isn’t really the most efficient way to use fuel anyway) – but assuming the onboard computer is accurately calculating it, it’s amazing how quickly you can make a fairly significant impact on how long your fuel will last.

For example, I was driving home from work today – which is around 7 miles.  After 3 miles I was waiting at traffic lights and discovered the screen which would tell me this information.  By the time I had reached home, I had managed to increase the mpg rating by around 2-3 miles per gallon (if we were to extrapolate the journey to that far).  The remaining four miles had comparable speed roads and traffic lights etc – obviously you get hit quite hard if you have to stop entirely and use the throttle heavily in order to get moving again…

… so there you go, a new game when you’re bored on the way to work to play if your car yields similar information, see if you can get to work with the highest mpg rating yet – and you’re not only saving yourself a bit of cash over time, it’s good for the environment too.  Of course, make sure you actually watch the road too, otherwise you might find yourself embedded in a large stationary object, which I wouldn’t recommend!

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3 thoughts on “The fuel-efficiency game…

  1. Pete Keyworth

    Or if you aren’t feeling environmentally friendly i like the ‘how high can you get your average speed’ game – especially fun if you can get your average from home over 70 MPH!

    Failing that have you tried ‘cruise control roulette’? This involves trying to judge the speed of the car in front of you exactly then using cruise control to to stay an exact distance from them.

    I think I’m spending too much time on the road……

  2. That sounds like fun!

    I’m not sure that I could manage that average speed though, given our typical rush hour congestion, and number of traffic lights from work to home!

  3. Hmmmm, only an analyst…..
    Pete, maybe you’re in the wrong job? 😉

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