You’re a goal-scoring superstar hero…

I remember reading a while back that Sensible World of Soccer – a game that consumed literally days of my childhood – was being made available on the XBox Live Arcade.  That was quite an exciting announcement, and as today I was at a bit of a loose end I was using the 360, and just so happened to click through to the featured games on the Game Marketplace – and duly found it!

The game is basically pretty much as it was back in the day on my trusty old Amiga – although it’s been expanded to fill a 16:9 screen, which is good!  The biggest pitfall, though, is the player names.  Often the problem you get with any football games is licensing fears over using players names – so to get around this, this game has basically mixed up the vowels and changed their initial.

That’s quite irritating, as obviously it would take a high degree of editing to get them all just right.  It’s quite refreshing too, to play a football game that only needs one button to do everything, of course, it’s not as elegant as Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA, but that’s why it’s brilliant!  The other brilliant thing is that Forest are in the Premiership in it, it’s that out of date!  So I can reminisce over the times when Campbell (Compbill) and Roy (Riy) lead the line for the Reds!

I’ve had a chance to have a good fiddle around with the XBox 360 today – so I also discovered that they’ve created a movie-rental system, including high definition films that you can download from XBox Live and play from the harddrive – I tested this out by downloading The Matrix in high definition.  This is the first time, aside from 360 games, that we’ve ever tested the HD capabilities of the telly in anger – and I’m impressed!

The final thing I’ve discovered more about is getting the console to stream media from the PCs on the network in the house.  I’ve successfully had it playing our mp3 collection, as well as a video file from the PC and slideshows of photos.  It’s very impressive.  The next phase for is to get it to properly sync with Windows Media Center on my laptop – currently it’s 60% or so through doing this, having checked out more than 10,000 media files!

I shall update on my success or otherwise.  See what happens to me when Forest don’t play of a weekend?

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