Too good to be true?

A few weeks back Virgin Media gave me a call to see if they could flog me their telephone service (as I’ve used their Broadband for a while), which initially I wasn’t interested in until they dropped the tempting offer of only £2 a month for a year.  So that all went according to plan.

Around a month ago I picked up a similar call, offering me their TV service.  “I’m happy with Freeview to be honest” was my candid response.  “I understand, sir – but we can offer you our premium TV package for a year for £1 a month with no installation fee, which would give you TV on demand, catchup TV and live sports like Setanta etc!”.  Naturally for a quid a month, I said yes.

Of course, the first bill for this new arrangement came – and of course, not only did they give me a charge for installation, they also added full charges for both the telephone and the TV service – totaling well over £80!!

Of course, I wasn’t going to sit idly by – and to their credit, I got through to someone after 8pm on the freephone customer service line.  The first person was very polite, put me on hold for 10 minutes, before ‘bouncing’ me back to the menu system.  Joy.  The second lady I spoke to, however, was very helpful indeed – and whilst I was nervous when she put me on hold – she did come back, and immediately reduced the bill by the £50 overcharge and referred the account to the sales team who, during office hours, will apparently be able to sort out the package to reflect the deals I was actually offered.

It remains to be seen whether this actually happens or not!

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