.. this has been a week of frustrations, it’s a pretty busy time for me at work, so to find out something we’ve been working on was rendered useless by some errors that weren’t really our doing was frustrating – but I suppose that’s life!

This busy-ness was compounded by me needing Wednesday morning off to attend a mysterious appointment the hospital made with me – only to find it was routine, and not only that, completely unnecessary as I had been for the same thing earlier in the year, but they’d lost my records!  Ah well, it was nice of the doctor himself to take some time out I suppose, I need to go back now for an ECG scan… bah!

The final frustration came this evening, at football I was on “the team that shall not pass” – which was annoying, the couple of times I was deigned acceptable to pass to when getting forward I scored, twice!  We wouldn’t have lost if we’d played like a team instead of trying to give it the ‘flash Harry’ types – that is irksome.  But never mind!

I guess the next thing to frustrate me will be that I need to be home tomorrow afternoon and await a Virgin Media engineer, who will turn up between 1pm and 6pm – if he turns up before 3:00pm, I’ll be delighted as I’ll get a game of football that will hopefully be more satisfying than this evening’s – that said, he’ll turn up at 5:59pm rendering yet another afternoon away from work utterly pointless, knowing my luck!

Ho hum!

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