Mind me platypus duck, Bill!

I went to see my first boxing match last friday, Carl Froch pummelled Robin Reid (well, he beat him anyway) – the latter having to withdraw due to a dubious claim of an injured shoulder just before the 6th round commenced.  From my unexpert eye it looked like a tactical withdrawal after ‘The Cobra’ had him on his knees in the fifth round!  So a good victory for the Nottingham lad, and hopefully he’ll soon get a shot at a world title!

This week is all about Children in Need – for those of you watching, then keep an eye out for a well known Star Wars character during the coverage, as that’s what I’ll be dressed up as during numerous activities at work during the day to raise funds, as well as taking phone calls in the Boots customer care centre during the evening – so you never know!  It’s an apt costume for me, since the character in question is always thinking with his stomach!

The other exciting thing happening on Friday is that at Boots we’re attempting to break a world record!  Hopefully we will have recruited 500 people to stand in a carpark and participate in the biggest congregation of wobble-boarders to accompany the Rolf Harris song ‘Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport’ – the current record is held by Airmiles, who assembled an impressive 359 wobblers – we’re going for 500!

Aside from that it threatens to be a boring week since Forest have postponed their weekend game – which would’ve seen me and Rich hotfoot up to Carlisle, although a lie in on saturday will be nice given that I’ll be manning the ‘phones for Children in Need until the early hours of the morning!

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