This nearly made me piss myself…

… spotted this on Ray‘s blog, which made me chuckle mightily, so thought I’d pinch the idea and post it here, with the actual video, since I can! πŸ™‚

Can’t believe how quick time’s going – it’s less than 13 weeks ’til Christmas, you know – what a terrifying prospect!Β  Although given that I spent time in store last week helping put the Christmas stock out it shouldn’t be so much of a shock, I suppose.

I’m feeling quite smug at the moment, as I’ve had three games of football this week – and won all of them, contributing a diminishing but significant number of goals, four in the first game, three in the second and two tonight!Β  I think stepping up to playing regularly three times a week has really benefited my overall fitness so I’m able to keep up the pace a bit longer.

The garden’s all done and planted with assorted shrubs (which I suppose will get added to over time – but that’s Cat’s territory!).Β  One glaring “thing to do” though is to sort out our fence panels, which get battered by footballs during the summer (God bless the rain this year!), but fell outside of the budget for the work we had done.Β  I’ve found some wooden gravel boards at Wickes which I reckon I can form into some sturdy and not unattractive fence panels though.

So that’s the plan for tomorrow – to pick up enough to make a ‘test panel’ – to see if it doesn’t look too hideous, and does indeed prove to be sturdy… maybe I’ll need to take a football over onto the field adjacent to us and spanner a football at it once I’ve finished or something!Β  Hmm, maybe not!

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