It’s just all about football these days!

Thursday’s a football days for me, playing that is – I had the morning off work (fortunately!) as I knew we’d be back late from heading to Wembley, and hadn’t realised quite how late, so the lie in was particularly welcome!  The afternoon was spent sorting out a presentation for the following day, where Neil and I would be out the office at a conference – hence needing to be in in the afternoon.

Being the season of holidays etc meant that there were only 8 of us for what is usually a 5 or 6 aside game of football, as such we devised a new game (well, in truth it was devised last week when I wasn’t there), where contrary to ordinary five-a-side where you have to score from outside the area, and nobody is allowed in there, in this game everyone can go in the area, and you can only score from inside.

It works really well when you’re short on numbers – but my God it’s one hell of a workout compared to normal, with lots of running to either end, and a much higher need to play accurate passes etc.  It was hard work, but quite rewarding, I think our side ended up losing by 1 or 2 goals, but to say we were about 6 down after the first 5 minutes, we did well to drag ourselves back into it!

But if that was hard work, it was nowt compared to the game I played on Friday at Meadow Lane.  I’d been at a conference/workshop all day, as I mentioned, and had a fairly stodgy lunch and a pint, and I’d gone home after and had a snooze too – which isn’t typical preparation for playing football!  The temperature outside was warm, which seems to be magnified in the indoor pitch at Notts County’s ground – so it was hard work!  I think we lost in the end, but we had a man less, and I did manage to score a bit of a pearler, if I do say so myself.

Saturday was all about watching football, of course.  Having picked up Ken we headed down to the City Ground to watch the not-so mighty Reds take on Leeds United.  The first half was poor from both sides really, Leeds breaking and scoring a well taken goal to give them the lead.  Forest did better in the second half, but couldn’t seem to convert their chances – although Commons scored a fluke of a freekick.

Alas, Leeds were to sneak a winner right at the end, somewhat fortuitously, but again very well taken.  Dammit.  Now we have a Carling Cup match against almost-rivals Leicester City to look forward to on Tuesday, since the Foxes are bringing 5,300 odd fans to the game (why?!), and I can’t see Forest attracting many more for what is a fairly mundane fixture, it could be quite interesting to see.  Leicester haven’t beaten us at the City Ground since 1972, and only a fool would suggest this isn’t a good opportunity for them to do so, which might at least quell their unrequieted hatred a little if nothing else, and allow us to concentrate on the league.

Today I’ve had a stinking headache most of the day, but did pick a couple of apples from the tree in the garden and it turns out they’re very tasty – which is a bonus!  So this year we must make a point of harvesting them and not allowing them to just fall on the floor as they have in past years!

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