Football glory, then football woes…

Phew.. nick-nacked tonight after a ferocious game at powerleague tonight, well, perhaps not ferocious – but it was quite warm, which none of us are particularly used to of late!  Managed to bag a couple of goals and put in what felt like about a dozen blocks to help us toward a 13-10 win that I never thought our side would be able to muster! (We didn’t have any bibs, so had to cobble together the teams based on what colours people were wearing).

I’m now sitting at home listening to the ill-conceived nonsense that is Forest’s preseason game with the mutton-molesters at Pride Park tonight.  It is to contest the newly created ‘Brian Clough trophy’ – which, whilst a nice idea, seems unfortunately timed for us really – given Derby’s rather higher status than us in league standings.  There really isn’t such a thing as a friendly between our two teams, there really isn’t.  The fact we’re already 2-0 down after about 25 minutes rather reinforces my concerns.

It also sounds like Commons has just picked up a knock from an ‘off the ball incident’ – I really can’t see this game having any tangible benefit to our preparations.  The flipside is that the event is raising money for local charities, which is certainly to be applauded, and is of course at least a commemoration of a great figure of both club’s history.  Oh yeah, and the referee is Uriah Rennie too, who has proven time and again to be an incompetent idiot when it comes to giving decisions to Forest.

So yeah, not impressed.  Sadly I can’t seem to bring myself to switch the radio off, though.. ah well, congratulations to Derby on the inevitable holding of the Brian Clough trophy – hopefully we’ll have a chance to contest it in a more meaningful fixture next season!  Ooh, and Uriah Rennie just gave us a ridiculous decision, and Commons is being substituted already.. well done Forest on a ridiculous preseason idea.

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One thought on “Football glory, then football woes…

  1. pcollison

    Plus now it seems Grant Holt is injured. 😦

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