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Blank playlists on Apple Watch

Since adding the perhaps inevitable final piece of the Apple ecosystem into my life one of the small bugbears I’ve had with my Apple Watch is that the music app had a long list of blank playlists before reaching my actual playlists. A quick Google search revealed this is clearly a reasonably common experience – but was quite light on providing solutions, which I’ve stumbled on today.

To be honest – it’s not really a big deal, but just a bit annoying. The ‘blank’ playlists are not visible on iTunes on my Mac, on my iPhone nor my iPad. I use iTunes Match to store my library in iCloud and stream from there or download on demand on whatever device I happen to be using – so I’m not sure whether the same issue occurs / is fixable in the same way if you use Apple Music or a locally stored library.

I should also add that I’m currently using the 3rd Beta of WatchOS 6 on my watch, which is a Series 4 cellular version. The fix is so obvious I’m kicking myself on not finding / trying it when I was using the latest production WatchOS. It’s a simple as opening the Music app on your watch, clicking playlists, then swiping right to left on the blank ones, tap the three dots that appear, tap Remove and finally confirm by tapping Delete.

Voila. They are gone. As I said above, a relatively trivial niggle in an otherwise fine experience – but one that’s surprisingly easy to fix but I’ve found no reference to online so figured I’d post it here if anyone is searching like I was for a solution!

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