Tricks of the mind…

You’ll all know Derren Brown as a singularly scary dude. As someone who likes thinking, and challenging the way I think, I find him quite interesting – so it was nice to get his latest book for Christmas, and having read it, it proved very thought provoking.

I already made mention of a nifty card trick, revealed early in the book (although if you decide to buy it, then indulge me if I try it out on you!) which was cool – but it wasn’t all to do with teaching nifty tricks or revealing how his seemingly unnatural mind skills work. Although, as someone who’s interest is piqued by otherworldly things, on some level the book was quite disappointing.

You see, Derren basically reveals that he’s attained the skills he has through little more than study, practice and more practice, and melded those learnings and practice with no small amount of charisma – which is pretty essential for any kind of show business type endeavours. He also offers candid and interesting insights into the state of the world too.

So all in all, for a bloke of mystifies us – or me at least – with his apparent skills on TV, his book rather demystifies things. Although he doesn’t give enough away to mean the streets will be awash with Derren Brown impersonators, thankfully! I’d recommend picking up a copy if you’re remotely interested in that kind of thing, it was a jolly good read – so long as you can put up with his artsy fartsy language!

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