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Funky camera features..


Teehee… my camera can do funky cartoonifying of photos, which is damn funky – this is all one photo, but each of the three boxes could’ve had separate photos in there. There is a rudimentary text-adding tool too, but I added the text myself using Gimp instead.

Couldn’t quite fit it on the post – but if you click it, then all should be revealed!

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Inevitable Harry Potter conclusions..

Being essentially a child trapped inside an adult’s body, I joined the general clamour for the final Harry Potter book yesterday (albeit not at midnight – it was probably around 11am by the time I got hold of it, and fully afternoon by the time I’d settled down to start reading!).  The idea of killing off people is a genius plan to get people to buy and read in a hurry!

I’d actually pre-ordered the book but since it was due to arrive at work, the temptation to pick up a copy at a loss-making £4.99 from a local grocer was something I wasn’t able to resist – since Cat had done the same thing, come monday we’ll have three copies of the book in our possession, and both have read it (probably twice, in Cat’s case).

So, before I go on to blatant spoiler-age (so read on no further than this paragraph if you don’t want to be spoiled), I did enjoy the book very much, as I have all the series.  Whilst starting out as undoubtedly children’s books, there is enough depth and quality of story to keep me interested – and whilst the overriding themes I found incredibly predictable, I wasn’t quite able to fathom out how the outcome would be delivered.

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Schoolboy error…

Went out last night for a pseudo-Hen do for Murf at work – I say pseudo, as obviously as a male person I shouldn’t be attending such events. So really it was a work night out. We were in fancy dress, we got suitably drunk, thrown out of a pub for some of the lads opting for an impromptu striptease.

Ended up in The Approach which was a good laugh, and finally a quick trip to the Casino (via an ultimately pointless walk to the Irish, which was closed!) before heading home.

Work was quite painful today – but at least the rest of the team were feeling the pain a bit. Trouble is, upon getting home today I nodded off for a couple of hours or so, and now I can’t sleep – grrrr!

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Skydiving is awesome – it’s definitely something I’d like to do again.  As you can see from the video when I did it, the weather was somewhat overcast – I’d love to do it again on a clear day – so perhaps I will.

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Bungee jumping!

I’d long harboured an ambition to bungee jump from a bridge over water, since this has always been illegal in the UK as we’re such an overly health and safety oriented society, I was always reasonably secure that my boasts of wanting to do so would never come to fruition.  However, not only was that not the case, but the first ever event of this nature in England was held to raise cash for a statue of Brian Clough in Middlesbrough – how could I refuse that?  Click here for photos of the completed statue.

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In a charity event Jonny and I achieved the exciting feat of walking barefoot over hot coals – and here’s the evidence.  Should any folks wish to try it (and I strongly recommend it – seriously!), then check out the NRSB website, where there will be details of future fundraising events.  The event was run by Time4Change, who I thoroughly recommend also.

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Cheese rolling

Rich and I had long harboured an ambition to enter the famous ‘cheese rolling’ event that happens yearly on Coopers Hill near Brockworth in Gloucestershire. It wasn’t for the faint hearted, and now I’ve satisfied the craving I’m certainly not intending to do it again in a hurry! You can read Rich’s memoirs for the BBC Nottingham website by clicking here.

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Derren Brown will have you believe that only four people in the world can do this, indeed, in a recent stage show he appeared to need to practically suffocate himself before completing the act. As you can see, it’s not quite such a big deal as that (not that I don’t like Derren Brown, you understand – but he is prone to exaggeration 🙂 ).

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Moving again..

I’ve not moved the domain here yet, but I’ve decided to start blogging on here – mainly ‘coz I really like WordPress, but because I’m too lazy to keep the server-installed version up to date – so I’m moving to the version that the nice WordPress people update for you 🙂  Plus, this version has the capability of merging itself neatly with Facebook, which I quite approve of!

I’ll probably fiddle around with the presentation of the site – I was pondering importing my old posts into here, but then decided they weren’t really that interesting anyway, so sod it!

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